U.S. Military History Review

The U.S. Military History Review is a peer-reviewed e-journal that publishes scholarly articles on the military history of the United States.  Its inaugural issue will appear in 2013.

If you would like to submit an article for consideration, please consult our Guidelines for Submission [note: under construction].  We welcome manuscripts from both new and established historians as well as graduate students.

Dr. Alexander M. Bielakowski, Editor-in-Chief    

Dr. David Ulbrich, Associate Editor

Dr. Rae Bielakowski, Managing Editor    

Editorial Board 

Dr. William T. Allison, Georgia Southern University 

Dr. M. Kathryn Barbier, Southern Mississippi University 

Dr. Christopher R. Gabel, US Army Command and General Staff College 

COL Jonathan M. House, Ph.D., USAR (Ret.), US Army Command and General Staff College

LTC John W. Mountcastle, Ph.D., US Army, University of Washington 

Dr. Ethan S. Rafuse, US Army Command and General Staff College