Captain Richard Lukaszewicz

Memorial Book Award 

(1946-2001 category)


The U.S. Military History Group is pleased to request nominations for a book prize, named for Richard Lukaszewicz (1946-2011), an American soldier who served in the Vietnam War.  

The USMHG’s Lukaszewicz Award will recognize the outstanding book on United States Military History covering any topic, methodology, service, or region within (or substantially involving) the period 1946 to 2001.  The winning author(s) will receive a plaque and a monetary prize sponsored by the USMHG.


Please note that neither page nor galley proofs will be accepted.  Subsequent editions or paperback re-issues of previously published works are likewise ineligible. No books will be considered for more than one year and for more than one award. 

The Award Selection Committee will consider works by individual or multiple authors making substantial contributions to U.S. military history.  In addition, significant anthologies, memoirs, or reference materials are eligible.  Again, the work must deal with U.S. military history between 1946 and 2001.  If doubts arise, the committee will have the discretion to accept or reject a submission.

To nominate a book, please send an email to Dr. David Ulbrich (, the committee’s non-voting secretary, who will record the nomination, provide the necessary mailing addresses to authors or presses, and manage the related correspondence. Please keep in mind that the USMHG requires four copies—one for each member of the selection committee, plus Dr. Ulbrich. Books submitted will not be returned to their authors or presses.


The winning author will be notified that same month.  Then, the USMHG will announce the Lukaszewicz Award-winning book and author via social media.  The committee’s decision is final.

Past winners:

Dr. Alexander Bielakowski,
Feb 6, 2019, 11:13 PM
Dr. Alexander Bielakowski,
Jun 11, 2017, 10:10 PM