Guidelines for Publishers

As the professional journal of the U.S. Military History Group, U.S. Military History Review will commission scholars to review quality monographs, textbooks, anthologies, reference works, and edited memoirs or diaries that relate to United States military history between 1775 and 2001. Within these parameters, books on battles, leaders, strategy, tactics, logistics, regional conflicts, international conflicts, diplomacy, economics, or war and society during peacetime and wartime may be considered.

The editorial staff will make every effort to commission reviewers for all books submitted by publishers or authors. It is the goal to publish reviews in issues less than one year after receipt. However, due to space, time, and other considerations, some submitted books may not be reviewed within that period or may not be reviewed at all. These books will be listed in the “Books Received” section in every issue. Once submitted, all books become the property of the U.S. Military History Group.

Each book will be matched with a scholar of requisite skills and knowledge to provide a useful review. The editorial staff will maintain the highest professional standards for all book reviews appearing in the USMHR. Reviewers who fail to submit substantive and constructive reviews will either be rejected or asked to rewrite their reviews. The editorial staff will make the final decision in all cases.

Digital copies of each review appearing in USMHR will be emailed to the publisher for each book that is reviewed. Excerpts of these reviews may be used by the publisher or author for marketing purposes.

Publishers should contact:

David J. Ulbrich, Ph.D.

Associate Editor